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People seek out Linda’s services for a variety of reasons,
including the following:

Depression & anxiety
Low self-esteem
Couples issues
Peer problems
Job stress, including dealing with difficult co-workers & workplace bullies
Coping with losses due to death, divorce, job loss, health problems,
affairs, and breakups
Parenting: Finding a parenting style that fits one’s values & lifestyle
Parenting “high-maintenance” children
Parenting preteens & teenagers
Parenting Adult Children - Special Interest & Current Research Topic
Professional Speaking

Parents-to-the-End Phone Consultation New!

Due to interest across the country, I am now offering phone consultation to parents of adult children. Consultation will be based upon the principles in my book, Parents to the End: How Baby Boomers Can Parent for Peace of Mind, Foster Responsibility in their Adult Children and Keep their Hard-Earned Money. FIND OUT MORE

Individual Counseling with Children

Linda provides counseling to children ages eight and up. The younger the age of the child, the greater the likelihood that Linda will be working with the parent(s) to assist them in helping their child. She designs treatment plans with the parents’ values foremost in mind and incorporates the parents in the treatment process.

Individual Counseling with Adolescents
Sometimes teenagers request therapy on their own, but more often the suggestion for counseling comes from their parents. Linda works to maintain a balance between honoring the confidentiality of information shared by teens and recognizing that they are part of a family unit.

Individual Counseling with Adults
Linda treats adults who seek counseling on their own or at the request of their employer. She and her clients together come up with a plan for treatment that recognizes their strengths and helps them develop better coping skills. She does not provide court-ordered counseling.

Couples & Family Counseling
Linda provides counseling for couples and families when the issue has to do with interpersonal relationships. She hel ps “clear up” communication difficulties so that members of a couple or family feel better understood.

Counseling Parents of Adult Children
This is an area of special interest to Linda, who is researching this topic. She has interviewed parents from around the country, which adds to her knowledge and skills in this area.

Professional Speaking
A ten-year veteran of Toastmasters International, Linda is available as a speaker on topics related to mental health, families, and current cultural trends. Contact her for speaking rates.